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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Year^^

Saw in Nuffnang, that many people still visit this blog of mine
Feel so sorry for not updating this blog
Because my fyp is currently dry at the moment
After spraydrying the other day, didnt even have the chance to use my powder
I shouldnt say, dont have the chance
I should say, dont have the time to use my powder
Passed by the lab and saw many friends proceeding with what they want to do
And i felt guilty.
I promised myself, i will do after i finished studying
But i am not studying. I am blogging. Online. Sleeping.
My progress is so slow. I feel so disappointed with myself
Vitamins, Trace Elements, Minerals swt
Please, give me some motivations
I dont know what i should do, and where i should go
All i know is that, i have a lot of things to be done
But i dont know where to start. Horrible feeling isnt it?
Wish me luck, first for my final exams =)
God bless
January 5 2011 Hours 2253

Friday, November 4, 2011

FYP Part 2

HaiZ its undeniable that fyp gives me headache looking for the formulation with the right texture and taste before i experiment on the stability of antioxidants in it..

One of my aims to improve the formulation include minimizing the sugar level as jam consists of not less than 65% soluble solids(which is--sugar/soluble solids)..

Tata time for quick revision-- according to Food Act 1983:

(1) Jam shall be the product prepared by boiling one or more types of sound fruits, whether raw, processed or semi-processed, with permitted sweetening substance, with or without pectin.

(2) Jam shall contain not less than--
(a) 35 per cent of fruit except that passion fruit jam and ginger jam may contain not less than 6 per cent and 5 per cent of fruit respectively; and

(b) 65 per cent of soluble solids determined by refractometry at 20 degree C that is uncorrected for insoluble solids

Therefore, to lessen the total of sugar input into the tamarillo jam, i thought of substituting it with artificial sweetener.. same sweetness but lesser calories..

Went all the way to Kajang to get Stevia but couldnt(ended up Old Town breakfasting with yuwen and fion)..

So settled with Ajinomotor's pal sweet(from Ipoh)-- its aspartame but anyway i just wan to try it and see the outcome before deciding if i want to continue hunting for Stevia..

There are 50 small packets of 1g each inside this big packaging.

And so i spent half an hour peeling open packet by packet until i get the sufficient amount in my proposed formulation.

But sadly i failed =.= cz though the level of sweetness is the same but there's no body in my jam..

..and therefore the Brix level is not increasing T..T i added in the same amount of sugar like the previous one as not to waste my tamarillo and my efforts
Burnt the pot in waiting for the ''formation'' of the body and while trying to open more small packagings in vain swt

And the jam become extremely thick due to the extreme addition of substances

Awaiting the 3rd trial next Tuesday (Supposingly to be carried out last thurs but i was having a heavy flu drip drip drip)

..and my dragonfruit is also missing in action.*cries*

........the story of fyp.............

the beginning

Novemner 4 2011 Hours 1534

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Heyy its me =)

Heyy everyone^^

I am a convo gift for soon-to-be- good food technologist =)

Happy graduation =)))))

Thankss Fion for accompanying me to buy this bouquet of flowers + helping me to pump in wind for my car tyres *paiseh* haha

Luckily the flowers didn die.. left it in my car for 5 hours under d sun cz i cant be carrying it to class lol

Initially thought of buying something else for him cz this is a shared gift between the four of us

But didn cz hmm...

Stupid me for leaving the convo bear at home swt luckily convo bears dont have expiry dates lol

Everyone's happily graduating.. When will it be my turn? ♥

October 19 2011 Hours 1448 happily raining but i cant sleep zzZ

My exam tmr night and my proposal! T...........T

p/s Some people are so ungrateful is it so hard even to reply a msg even after help has been received? Not that i am calculative, but there wont be a second time i swear!!!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Wonder why..

.. i cant attach images using my phone to blogger =(

The stupid me forgot to bring the phone USB back to my hse here..

And so all the pictures i took using my phone, needs to be uploaded to fb, before i can use it for blogger omg..

And sometimes, hmm most of the times, its not good to bombard fb with my ugly blog photos..

And consequently, my blogger has been so dead cz there are no pictures, and therefore no motivation..

I want to go home ..

Too many things i have left there..

Including my heart ♥

8 October 2011 Hours 2247

Monday, September 26, 2011


Somehow, i feel i am changing, to extends that i dont uunderstand.

I become too cool. I am too cold. I am cold-blooded.

I am crazy T.T

September 26 2011 Hours 2121
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